4 Tips to Hire the Right Conference Interpreting Company


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Learning to run a business efficiently can be quite a daunting task. One must always be on his toes to address diverse situations. Situations such as handling a conference where their non-English speakers will be in attendance. You will need to be well equipped because the learning language they speak just in time for the conference won’t be the best option. What are some of the alternatives?

The right approach would be to get in touch with one of the interpreting companies that specialize in supplying simultaneous interpreters and the required equipment meant for simultaneous interpreting during meetings and conferences. The term ‘simultaneous translation’ is frequently used in this context, as it happens, this is a misnomer. Translation means written form, whereas ‘interpretation’ refers to the spoken word. Written below are four tips to hiring the best-suited interpreting companies for your specific interpreting needs:

Tip #1. Opt for Simultaneous Interpretation

Ensure to opt for simultaneous interpretation, rather than consecutive interpretation. Simultaneous interpreting generally allows the conference to proceed at full speed. Members of the audience will each wear a small earpiece through which they can hear the interpreter’s voice while the meeting is proceeding. Consecutive interpretation, on the other hand, could slow down the meeting to half its speed consuming more time. This is because the speaker must temporarily halt after every sentence in order for the interpreter to translate.

Tip #2. Provide Detailed Information About the Conference or /Event

The interpreting companies will know exactly what questions to ask you about your event – they know what they are doing, and will help to provide the best interpreting service for your needs. Many interpreting companies are very versatile and specialize in other areas related to language. You must find one which specializes in conference interpreting. Try to be as specific and absolute as you can in your answers. Have ready answers to questions like:

  • Which are the languages required for interpretation?
  • What would be the subject matter?
  • What will be the total number of listeners for every language? Etc.

Tip #3. Remember, You Need Conference Interpreters

To ensure that the translation company will be providing the right skilled and experienced conference interpreters, , be sure to let them know exactly what you need out of their interpreter. There are various kinds of interpreting services being provided by interpreting companies. Certified interpreters who are excellent at court interpreting would not necessarily be competent at conference interpreting. It wouldn’t make sense to hire a court interpreter when in actuality you need the services of conference interpreter companies.

Tip #4. Conference Interpreters Who are Familiar with the Subject Matter

The interpreters must be quite familiar with your subject matter. A medical interpreter could explain the details of a human body but maybe somewhat clueless about the details of a computer system. All subject areas, especially technical ones, have their own inherent jargon which can be foreign to interpreters who do know have adequate knowledge in that particular subject.

Remember that your participants will be spending their time and only to attain your event. It is very important that you understand the need to make it a worthwhile experience for them. It is wise to obtain quotes from a number of interpreting companies, but this doesn’t imply that you should make your decision purely based on price. Matching ideal interpreters to potential clients is actually an art that takes many years of understanding and experience. So, choose a firm that you could trust to be the best for your requirements.

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