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Google Gravity was programmed in 2009 by Google, and these are JavaScript based tricks. There are several tricks available which you can see for yourself in your browser. These tricks are based on the virtual gravitational energy which you’ll be able to experience on your browser. In this post, we gather some of the best Google Gravity and Anti-Gravity tips and tricks that you can apply on your browser right away.

The items, buttons, and links on your web browser will be under the influence of this virtual gravitational energy. Though you might need special links to the Google Gravity as Google have reprogrammed its search engine page and Advanced Results settings. Let us go ahead with Google gravity tricks.

Top 15 Best Google Gravity Tricks

1.Google Gravity Trick And Google Gravity Code:

This is for sure the funniest trick on the Google Gravity Code list. You can access this by entering ‘Google Gravity‘ in the Google search bar and then hit ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button. Once the code is executed, you’ll be able to see all the options/links and the search bar falling under the influence of a virtual gravitational force field.

These will reposition themselves and falls again if dragged.

best google gravity tricks codes and games new in 2020

2.Google Zero Gravity Trick And Google Zero Gravity Code:

Google Zero Gravity: This trick is based on the Zero Gravitational Field concept. When you execute this trick, all the available options/links on the web page will float freely as if they are in space. This trick creates a virtual space for the environment. If you select and drag any of the links/options, it’ll readjust itself as if it is in free space.

3.Google Anti-Gravity Trick And Google Anti-Gravity Code:

Google anti-gravity trick can be accessed from the Google anti-gravity mrdoob project page also or you can also search for Google anti-gravity I’m feeling lucky. This enables the options/links and the Google search bar to roam in an awkward fashion as if they are going away from the virtual gravitational pull.

google anty gravity trick and code

4.Google Mirror Trick And Google Mirror Code:

This is so far the best Google anti-gravity mirror trick I’ve ever seen. This trick will present you with the mirror image of the Google’s homepage. So what’s in left will be seen on the right and what’s on the right will now get mirrored in the left on the screen.

google mirror trick and code - google gravity tricks

5.Google Guitar Trick And Google Guitar Trick Code:

This trick is based on the zero-gravity Google music code. Execution of this trick unveils an on-screen guitar from which one can compose their music by using the mouse and the keyboard only. And the fun part is, even a novice like me was able to make some good music.

google guitar trick and code

6.Google Space Trick And Code:

There are very fewer differences when we compare Google anti-gravity space trick and Google zero gravity. The only major and noticeable difference we found was the free-floating nature of the search results in the background in Google anti-gravity space.

google space google gravity trick and code

7.Zerg Rush Trick And Code:

This Google anti-gravity trick when performed starts to make the search results disappear one after the other by falling “O’s”. This is a game, where you’ve to shoot these “O’s” before their times go off. They have a bar over them which indicates the time remaining for the search result to disappear. The fun fact here: the more “O’s” you kill, the faster the next lot becomes.

google zerg rush trick and code

8.Google Terminal:

I found this Google trick mesmerizing; I loved the concept. Google terminal enables you to see virtual commands being generated and gives you an illusion of some ‘hacking’ codes running on the screen as seen in movies.

And the cool part is it is designed according to the MS-DOS style so you won’t be able to use your mouse for this trick, only keyboard input will get you through. This can also be used as a Google zero gravity prank to prank your friends making them believe that your PC is being ‘hacked’.

google terminal trick and code

9.Google Underwater Trick And Google Underwater Code:

This Google anti-gravity underwater trick turns the whole screen into an aquarium in which you can only see the search bar and buttons floating in the water along with marine life. Clicking through your mouse lets, you create ripples in the water in this Google zero gravity underwater scene.

google underwater trick and code

10.Google Sphere:

Google Sphere allows the user to see the Google homepage in a spherical form where every entity present on the screen revolves and circulates in a sphere like fashion. Some might feel as if these entities are present on a globe. You can adjust the speed and direction of circulation by hovering your mouse in any direction. This Google anti-gravity sphere trick is amongst one of our personal favourites.

google sphere trick and code

11.Google Energy Saving:

This Google gravity trick is supposed to decrease the power consumption from your PC’s screen. This trick will reduce the brightness of your screen and gives a black background to the homepage. This black background helps to reduce power consumption. Although this doesn’t work on the results and search pages.

google energy saving trick and code

12.Google Rainbow:

This trick will make your day colorful. This Google gravity trick changes the default ‘Google Search’ to ‘Rainbow Search’ and ‘I’m feeling lucky’ to ‘I’m feeling colorful’. This trick converts the search results into a mesmerizing seven-colored beautiful rainbow. A treat for the eyes.

google rainbow trick and code

13.Google Tilt:

Google tilt also works on smartphones. All you need to do is type ‘Tilt’ in the Google search box. This Google gravity trick will show you both the homepage and search results in a ‘tilted’ manner with all the buttons, links and search bar is tilted slightly to the right.

This gives an illusion that there is a more gravitational pull towards the right side of the screen.

google tilt trick and code

14.Google Pacman:

Since the beginning of the gaming industry, PacMan has been the Game of choice until today. Google zero gravity PacMan trick enables you to play PacMan game on the screen. You’ve to eat all the balls without getting trapped by the monsters to score maximum.

google pacman game trick and code

15.Google Snake Game:

Yes, you guessed it right! It is similar to the Nokia Snake game. The more you eat, the more the length of the snake becomes. You’ve to prevent the snake from crossing itself to score maximum. The speeds of the snake vary several times during the game, which increases the fun.

google snake game trick and code

So, you come to the end of this guide. We hope that our readers would find this helpful and fun-full. If you have any other trick beneath your palm, don’t hesitate in sharing it with us. That way, that could be reached to other uses.

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